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How to Find New Business Leads in Texas

New Business ListingsFor marketing companies wanting to stay on top of the newest companies moving into the Lone Star state, the first step is to company list of all the new businesses within the last few months. The Internet will have those but you may have to pay a price, generally around $20 to $25 a week for personalized lists emailed to you directly. Research these carefully and choose the best one for you, depending if you want a subscription or not.

Contemplate if you would rather pay a subscription price and receive more detailed information. New Business Lists & Leads in Texas ( offers clients a $25 weekly rate with a six-month subscription. With this deal, clients receive an Excel spreadsheet, complete with both business address and phone number and the company owner's address and phone number. It also offers weekly and monthly rates, but those cost more. Clients may enter search criteria by major cities, start-up date or by type of business, such as all new restaurants or new beauty salons.

Decide if you would prefer to do the searching yourself and save some money. Manta ( lists all the businesses in Texas and you can narrow down the business listings by adding search criteria. First, select the city you want to look in, such as Houston. Narrow down the occupation categories as it lists several from advertising to consumer electronics to information technology to restaurants and bars. You can select if it is a new business by checking the box if it was established within the last 13 weeks. Besides that, you narrow down choices by selecting company revenue and number of employees that you estimate would there, from less than four employees to more than 10,000 workers.

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